Background Report 360 Review

Hey Cory here,

And you’re reading my uncensored review of what I really thought about the Background Report 360 service.

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Why am I writing this?

Well, when I was looking to buy Background Report 360, there weren’t many honest reviews around, so I thought I would write one quickly to help anyone that was in the same position I was.

Be warned, I will be going into both the good points and bad points, so if that’s not what you want to hear, then you may as well leave now.

Let’s get started. I originally purchased the product for a person search utilizing the Comprehensive Background check that was offered. This background report included Criminal History, multiple People Records databases, Civil records (Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments), Property records and much more.

So how does the Background Report 360 work?

After purchasing the report, I was given access to a member’s only area. In the member’s area, there is a list of accessible direct fee searches along with the unlimited search area. I chose to upgrade to the unlimited search area and was able to access many basic searches like reverse phone searches, arrest/warrant searches and business searches to name a few. There are a total of 15 unlimited searches you can perform for a small yearly fee.

To access the comprehensive background report I wanted, I just needed the person’s First and Last name, and the State they reside in if known. I entered the individual’s information and within seconds I had my report. With over 1 Billion records searched, the report provided up to date information and was very thorough. Here is a sample of the report.

Click here to visit the Background Report 360 Official Website

What about the Unlimited Search Menu?

I have also used the Unlimited Access searches with great results. Again, the service was very simple and I only provided a name or phone number. Within seconds I had my search results and was able to find the information I needed. This is a very handy tool for those needing a quick and easy way to look up businesses, phone numbers and a variety of other information.

What are the BAD things about Background Report 360?

Just like every other product I have reviewed, nothing is perfect and here are a few flaws I saw when I used the product:

- I noticed in my first Comprehensive search that there were multiple options for the person I was searching. The person showed up in multiple States, and the report included different information depending on which State I chose. Some information stayed the same through all reports but some information, like real estate owned, only showed up under the State it was owned.

- In the Comprehensive report, there was much more information returned than I expected for the Deep Web search portion of the report. More information is not always bad, but I did find myself having to weed through some information that was not pertinent to the person I searched.

What are the GOOD things about the Background Report 360?

- The search was extremely easy and fast. When they claim you can run your background check in less than 10 seconds, it is true. If you have a name, you can begin your search. No other details needed.

- I initially had a question concerning part of the member’s area, which I emailed to the support email address. I had my question answered within 24 hours and was very impressed with the customer service.

- No Hit No Fee guarantee along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you search and there is nothing returned, you are not charged for the search, and if you are not satisfied, you will be refunded your money.

- The Comprehensive Background check is truly the best value background report on the internet. With all the searches included in one user friendly report, the price is very reasonable at $29.95 per report, and the amount of information was very impressive.

Overall, what do I think?

The Background Report 360 in my opinion is one of the best values on the internet. With over 1 Billion records searched, the individuals I searched were up to date and provided accurate information. The service is simple and easy to use, and provides the information within an instant, just as they claim. If you are looking for an instant online background service, I would definitely suggest using the Background Report 360.

I hope this has helped you,


Click here to visit the Background Report 360 Official Website

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Is A Free Criminal Background Check Really Free?

There are a lot of websites that claim to have free background checks.  Some offer locations for all the State agencies that will need to be researched, while others offer software that can be bought to run free background checks on anyone.  After researching many of these, I figured out very quickly that most of the websites are offering very little for free, but trying to sell you on their software or their complete background service.

One website I came across offered a full list of all the Government Agencies that would need to be contacted to acquire criminal background searches.  On the website there was a disclaimer that the information provided wasn’t very accurate and that they were not liable for inaccurate data.  That did not give me much confidence that their service was very reliable, and I sure didn’t want to spend my time if I didn’t know how accurate it was going to be.  So, I learned that many of these free criminal background checks aren’t free at all, but give you enough information to get you to use their services.

Another website I came across touted their background check software as a free service.  That didn’t seem very free to me.  It seemed very much like a bait and switch tactic to me, and didn’t provide the free service it promoted.  After you paid for the background check software, you were able to search a list of records that were available online.  This list was similar to the one I found on many sites, which was given a disclaimer that the data may not be accurate.

The ironic part of running a criminal background check is that with enough time, you could find all the data you are probably trying to find for free.  These databases are public records that you could get access to, but would take a lot of time and effort to find.  Online background check services offer these results instantly now, and with more reliability than ever.  There services do the leg work for you so that you don’t have to spend hours running down this information.  There are many services available, but they are not all the same.  Some have limited databases that they can draw from, so they provide limited information.  Others scan over a billion records to run your person search, which offers a lot more reliability and a huge time savings.

Most of the free Criminal Background Check services I researched weren’t really free, with some requiring you purchase software and others requiring a lot of time for research that may not be reliable.  Time is very valuable in today’s world, which is one of the reasons online background services have become so popular.  If you want to save yourself a lot of time, and increase the accuracy of your search, there are a few good companies providing instant background searches online.  One of those is the Background Report 360 website.  To view the Background Report 360 Official Website, click here.

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Online Background Report Options

After using the service for a few weeks now, I wanted to give you an idea of the report options that are available to users. Each of these services is offered at a different price, with some included in the unlimited area. I have included a list below of the services offered. This is not exhaustive, but will give you an idea of the options.

• Comprehensive Background Report
• Basic Background Report
• Court Records
• Arrest/Warrant Search
• Criminal Search
• Sex Offender Search
• Phone Searches
• Birth Records
• Death Records
• Marriage/Divorce Records
• People Search
• Property Ownership Records
• Tenant Screening
• SSN Verification
• Asset Search
• Employment History Search

As you can see, with just the few options I have listed, there are a wide variety of searches and reports available to users. With these searches, you can research individuals in-depth or find something as simple as an address or email. In the next post I will give you an honest review of how the service has worked for me.

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Understanding Background Checks

Curious about background checks, but caught up in what you think they are and require? Don’t fret. Most people who have never run a background check on individuals have certain presumptions about what they are, what they cost, and what is necessary to complete one efficiently.  The common consensus is that background checks are used only by government agencies, such as law enforcement and criminal justice courts, and that they are time consuming and ridiculously expensive.  If you’ve never done one, you probably think this too; but here’s the real story on background checks.  Now, you have no excuse not to do one.


It used to be that in order to find out any background information on a person, such as criminal history and the like, you had to be a member of a criminal justice agency or law enforcement bureau. Today, all you need is a full name, and a desire to know the background of the people in your life. Many companies offer the ability to simply punch in a full name of the person you are seeking information on, and comprehensive results appear from the most reliable of sources.


Since access was not always easy, and the service not so widely accessible and used; it was once a given that conducting this kind of background check would require a lot of work on the part of the service; and therefore, a lot of money.  Today, there are thousands of services that allow you to conduct a search for this information, and since the criminal history information is free, with a few situational restrictions, all you pay for is the service.  It should be noted, however, that because of this anyone owning a website can say they offer a comprehensive search, when they don’t; so consider yourself forewarned.


Another common misnomer about background checks by people who have never tried one is that background checks, because they reference a variety of national and statewide resources, take a lot of time.  This is not true!  There are companies that can locate the information you are seeking, and offer you full details on a person’s background in a matter of seconds, and all they need is a full name of the person you are seeking answers on.


It also used to be that the only way to find a comprehensive background pool of information on a person was to physically visit the jurisdictional courts and law enforcement agencies to locate the actual documents in question, if there were any. Today, most all of this information is available online, as government bureaus and departments seek to make background information more accessible. So, therefore, a person seeking this information can locate comprehensive information on a person if they use the correct online service.

In my next post I will take an in-depth look at the Background Report 360 service.  They claim to offer services for anyone looking to find comprehensive background information on an individual, in a manner of seconds, and with low expense and no hassle. By comprehensive, they claim you can get all the answers you want, regarding criminal histories, property, court, and personal information in three easy steps: search, input a name, and view the report.  Check back to find out what I truly think.

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Why use a Background Check Service?

Background security checks can be a necessary evil in today’s world.  Through a background report, you can find out who your neighbor is, who your children are friends with, and if your new friend from the gym is a con artist or not.  They can show you if someone on your block is a criminal or a sex offender.  These reports can give you the knowledge to know if someone has a warrant out for their arrest, or if your new business partner is an honest business owner.  Is a background check necessary sometimes – YES! By using an online service, you can have instant background reports to be able to know as much as you can about the person you are investigating.

What are the advantages of using an online background service?

The first advantage is Time.  Instant background checks are now available so that you do not have to spend your time physically driving and searching through numerous public services, collecting data and information for your search.  These services are able to search BILLIONS of records in an instant to provide you with the most complete report possible.  This amount of information would take you weeks or even months to collect on your own.

The second advantage is Money.  Many of the basic searches online are unlimited for a small fee.  This means you can search for people, businesses, phone numbers, email addresses and other information as many times as you need to when using the unlimited service.  Time is also money.  With the speed of the searches, you are saving yourself so much time by using a service.  Comprehensive background checks will cost more to perform, but the amount and depth of information you can obtain will more than make up for the costs.

Through these services you can protect –

Children – we teach our children “stranger danger”, but sometimes we don’t truly know the parents of our children’s friends.  By running a criminal background check or a sexual offense background check, you can know whether you can trust them with your child.

Yourself – you can check on individuals or businesses to see if they are truly who they say they are before you trust them.  With the amount of scams in the world today, a report could save you from a harmful situation whether it is financially or physically.

Investments – many services offer tenant screening and business screening.  These services can provide you with the security to know you are taking good care of your investments.  By checking into a business or tenant, you can know details about their past and present to know whether your investment would be a fiscally sound decision.  You can also research real estate to find pertinent information before purchasing it.

I have included just a few of the advantages of using a background check service in this post, and I realize I have only scratched the surface.  There are numerous other uses for background reports like volunteers, employees and nannies, which are very necessary in today’s world.  Hopefully this post has helped you see the value of an online background report.

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Are all Background Check Services equal?

My aim was to create a Background Report 360 review, and I very quickly found myself wondering if all online background check services are equal.  After researching and using many background services, I can honestly say that they are not all equal.  Some online background services are instant, but others send you the report after a set amount of time.  Some offer basic background reports and others offer comprehensive background reports.  Some offer criminal checks and others offer people search only.  Some offer social security verification while others offer business searches.  Some offer all the services I have mentioned.  The variety of searches and services offered really varies from one company to the next.

One feature that some of the companies offer is “no hit-no fee”.  This feature protects the searcher from expending money if the search returns no information.  This is a very important feature to conserve money as searches are processed.  I have learned quickly that fees can stack up when completing searches.  Pricing for searches varies as widely as the searches that are available.  Some companies offer monthly unlimited fees and others charge per search.  So, it is important to plan what type of search you will need, and how many individual searches you will be completing.  Both of these factors will affect the costs you will pay out to perform your searches.

In the end, the background services are anything but equal.  Careful consideration needs to be put into which company will provide the best search for your money.  My hope is this blog will help you decide if this product will meet your needs.

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