Is A Free Criminal Background Check Really Free?

There are a lot of websites that claim to have free background checks.  Some offer locations for all the State agencies that will need to be researched, while others offer software that can be bought to run free background checks on anyone.  After researching many of these, I figured out very quickly that most of the websites are offering very little for free, but trying to sell you on their software or their complete background service.

One website I came across offered a full list of all the Government Agencies that would need to be contacted to acquire criminal background searches.  On the website there was a disclaimer that the information provided wasn’t very accurate and that they were not liable for inaccurate data.  That did not give me much confidence that their service was very reliable, and I sure didn’t want to spend my time if I didn’t know how accurate it was going to be.  So, I learned that many of these free criminal background checks aren’t free at all, but give you enough information to get you to use their services.

Another website I came across touted their background check software as a free service.  That didn’t seem very free to me.  It seemed very much like a bait and switch tactic to me, and didn’t provide the free service it promoted.  After you paid for the background check software, you were able to search a list of records that were available online.  This list was similar to the one I found on many sites, which was given a disclaimer that the data may not be accurate.

The ironic part of running a criminal background check is that with enough time, you could find all the data you are probably trying to find for free.  These databases are public records that you could get access to, but would take a lot of time and effort to find.  Online background check services offer these results instantly now, and with more reliability than ever.  There services do the leg work for you so that you don’t have to spend hours running down this information.  There are many services available, but they are not all the same.  Some have limited databases that they can draw from, so they provide limited information.  Others scan over a billion records to run your person search, which offers a lot more reliability and a huge time savings.

Most of the free Criminal Background Check services I researched weren’t really free, with some requiring you purchase software and others requiring a lot of time for research that may not be reliable.  Time is very valuable in today’s world, which is one of the reasons online background services have become so popular.  If you want to save yourself a lot of time, and increase the accuracy of your search, there are a few good companies providing instant background searches online.  One of those is the Background Report 360 website.  To view the Background Report 360 Official Website, click here.

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